Open Wednesday the 27th

We will be closed Thursday, November 28th so our staff can spend time with their loved ones for Thanksgiving.

But don’t despair! We will be open Wednesday the 27th from 4-9pm! Bring in your out of town family or come have a beer in anticipation of all that togetherness.

Of course we will reopen on Black Friday. Those of you who treat holiday shopping as a contact sport can recover post-shopping, and those of you who actively avoid stores can hunker down with us and bask in the quiet.

Down to Huck Helles

Down to Huck Helles

New on tap! Down to Huck – A crisp German-style Helles perfect for these brisk fall days. Malty, bready, and slightly sweet.

Huck. Verb –
1) A term generally used in extreme sports referring to a large jump, often without knowledge or regard for the risk or consequences.
2) The term can also be applied to risk assessment in everyday life, taking actions regardless of the risk or consequences.

New beer!!

We have added a delicious oatmeal stout to the line up. All you dark beer lovers, your day has come and it is good. Werewolves Not Swearwolves is the most complex recipe Damon has ever created. It has so many layers of roast, chocolate, toffee, raisin, coffee…I want some now! The name is in honor of the film “What We Do in the Shadows.” Have you seen it? Ya should!

We are opening!

Our first day open is Saturday, October 12th from 11-9. We will also be open Sunday from 11-7. Monday is Columbus Day and we will be open from 11-6. We will not usually be open on Mondays at first but since this is our opening weekend and a holiday, we figured why not.

Beers available:

  • Tall Man IPA
  • Mill City IPA
  • Hail Saison

Stop in for a pint and grab some food from the kitchen. It’s been a long time coming Franklin! Can’t wait to see you.


We are so close! The next few weeks will be bringing some exciting developments and finally some progress. We will be ordering the brewhouse, beginning construction, and doing a million things that have to be done behind the scenes to get a business off the ground.

We are just ready to get brewing! As anyone who’s started a business can tell you, this is not a speedy process and it can be daunting at times. We knew it would be a lot of work and that this endeavor would take up most of our free time. Sometimes it’s exhausting and overwhelming and there have been actual tears. But we are so passionate and committed to getting this little brewpub off the ground, that it’s worth it. And it’s those setbacks and challenges that make the victories so much sweeter.

We hope you’ll follow along as the building starts to take shape and we can begin sharing actual, physical progress.